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netmap, dpdk, pf_ring, Tcp Stack for Userspace
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netmap install

$ git clone

$ ./configure

$ make 

$ sudo make install

netmap install complete.


1. problem : configure --> /bin/sh^M.

you should run . 
$ dos2unix configure

$ dos2unix ./LINUX/configure

2. problem : cannot stat 'bridge': No such or directory

$ make clean

$ cd build-apps/bridge

$ gcc -O2 -pipe -Werror -Wall -Wunused-function -I ../../sys -I ../../apps/include -Wextra    ../../apps/bridge/bridge.c  -lpthread -lrt    -o bridge

$ sudo make && make install


netmap, dpdk, pf_ring, Tcp Stack for Userspace


$ sudo apt-get install libhugetlbfs-dev

$ make

update NtyTcp/include/nty_config.h

#define NTY_SELF_IP		"" 	//your ip

#define NTY_SELF_IP_HEX	0x6A00A8C0 			//your ip hex.

#define NTY_SELF_MAC	"00:0c:29:58:6f:f4" //your mac

block server run:

$ ./bin/nty_example_block_server

epoll server run:

$ ./bin/nty_example_epoll_rb_server


if you discover bug to sending email to

also, want to be an NtyTcper, so you can sent email to .

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