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Convert WSJ sphere format to waveform and do data simulation.
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WSJ Data Preparation

This repository aims at providing some useful scritps to do data preparation for WSJ data.

Install Necessary Tools

cd tools

How to Use


# convert sphere to waveform
bash wsj0/   # remember to change wsj0_dir and save_dir

# add noise
python wsj0/ -h

Public Dataset

There are some public datasets we can use, including noise, RIR and well-simulated noisy speech.

Noise Datasets

You can use any noise corpus. But the sample rate of noise and clean speech must be same. Ohterwise, you need to use tools/ to down-sample clean speech or noise. There are some open source noise we can use:

  1. Nonspeech100
  2. MUSAN
  3. freesound

Room Impulse Response (RIR)

  1. OpenSLR
  2. AcouSP

Noisy Speech Datasets

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