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Programming CUDA Using Go

This example demonstrates that we can programming CUDA using Go. It works with Amazon AWS GPU instances (64-bit AMD x64 system) and Nvidia Jetson TK1 development board (32-bit ARM7l system).

The cgo tool in Go's toolchain enables calling C programs from Go programs. However, cgo assumes that the C/C++ compiler accepts command line parameters that GCC accepts. For example, Clang is compatible with GCC. However, NVCC isn't.

Thanks to the author of this Stackoverflow question, who proposed a solution:

  1. Build device code and its C wrapper into a shared library using NVCC.
  2. Link the shared library with the Go program using CGO.

In our case, the "device code and its C wrapper" are in c++/ c++/Makefile shows how to build a shared library using NVCC.

The Go program in our case is square/square.go. After building the shared library by typing make -f in directory c++, we can build and run the Go program

cd square
go install -v && go test -v && go vet