Places205-VGGNet models for scene recognition
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VGGNets for Scene Recognition

Here we release our trained VGGNet models on the large-scale Places205 dataset, called Places205-VGGNet models, from the following report:

Places205-VGGNet Models for Scene Recognition
Limin Wang, Sheng Guo, Weilin Huang, and Yu Qiao, in arXive 1508.01667, 2015

Performance on the Places205 dataset

Model top-1 val/test top-5 val/test
Places205-VGGNet-11 58.6/59.0 87.6/87.6
Places205-VGGNet-13 60.2/60.1 88.1/88.5
Places205-VGGNet-16 60.6/60.3 88.5/88.8
Places205-VGGNet-19 61.3/61.2 88.8/89.3

We use 5 crops and their horizontal flippings of each image for testing.

Performance on the MIT67 and SUN397 dataset

Model MIT67 SUN397
Places205-VGGNet-11 82.0 65.3
Places205-VGGNet-13 81.9 66.7
Places205-VGGNet-16 81.2 66.9

We extract the fc6-layer features of our trained Places205-VGGNet models, which are further normalized by L2-norm.


These models are relased for non-conmercial use. If you use these models in your research, thanks to cite our above report.

Multi-GPU Implementation

In order to speed up the training procedure of VGGNets, we use a Multi-GPU extension of Caffe toolbox:

Meanwhile, we add the strategies of multi-scale cropping and corner cropping provided by this extension, which has been proved to be effective for action recognition in videos.