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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inkscape-extension xmlns="">
<dependency type="executable" location="extensions"></dependency>
<param name="preamble" type="string" _gui-text="Preamble File: "></param>
<param name="read-as-line" type="boolean" _gui-text="Trade above as contents">false</param>
<param name="scale" type="float" precision="2" min="0.1" max="50" _gui-text="Scale Factor">1</param>
<param name="action" type="notebook">
<page name="new" _gui-text="New TeX String">
<param name="formula" type="string" _gui-text="LateX Source: "></param>
<param name="rescale" type="boolean" _gui-text="Rescale the node.">false</param>
<page name="newfile" _gui-text="New from File">
<param name="inputfile" type="string" _gui-text="LateX Source File: "></param>
<page name="viewold" _gui-text="View Original TeX">
<_param name="old" type="description">Choose this tab if you would like to obtain the original TeX string.</_param>
<param name="tosvg" type="boolean" _gui-text="Write output to Figure"></param>
<page name="help" _gui-text="Help">
<_param name="help" type="description">You need at least one LaTeX command and one PDFtoSVG command to execute this plugin correctly. Please visit for more information. If you have any suggestion, feel free to open an issue in the repository.</_param>
<param name="pdftosvg" type="enum" _gui-text="PDF to SVG converter: ">
<_item value="1">PDF2SVG</_item>
<_item value="2">PStoEDIT</_item>
<param name="latexcmd" type="string" _gui-text="Latex Commnad used to Compile">xelatex</param>
<command reldir="extensions" interpreter="python"></command>