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Version 3.07 2012-04-06
* tracker/tracker_mem.c: check storage ip address is not empty
* remove direct IO support
* trunk binlog sync optimization
* php extension compile passed in PHP 5.4.0
Version 3.06 2012-01-22
* add common/avl_tree.h and common/avl_tree.c
* organize trunk free blocks using AVL tree
* find the trunk server for each group when current tracker be a leader
* common/sched_thread.c can add schedule entry dynamicly
* support creating trunk file advancely
Version 3.05 2011-12-20
* remove compile warnings
* storage server's store_path_count can be more than that of group
* bug fixed: common/fast_mblock.c malloc bytes are not enough
* support OS: HP-UX
Version 3.04 2011-11-25
* bug fixed: duplicate files only save one entry ok with trunk file mode
* bug fixed: sync correctly with more binlog files
* fdfs_file_info query file info from storage server
* bug fixed: php extension compile error using gcc 4.6.1 as:
variable 'store_path_index' set but not used
* bug fixed: delete the metadata of trunked file correctly
* bug fixed: append file ok when check duplicate is on
* storage/trunk_mgr/trunk_shared.[hc]: trunk_file_stat_func do not
use function pointer
* bug fixed: storage/trunk_mgr/trunk_shared.c base64_decode_auto
overflow 1 byte
* bug fixed: delete slave file correctly
* bug fixed: remove debug info
* md5 function name changed to avoid conflict
Version 3.03 2011-10-16
* ignore existed link when sync link file
* http token checking support persistent token
* add functions: storage_file_exist and storage_file_exist1
* php minfo add fastdfs version info
* changed
* client move libevent dependency
Version 3.02 2011-09-18
* bug fixed: tracker_mem_check_add_tracker_servers add tracker server
* php client compile ok with php 5.2.17
* re-select trunk server ok
Version 3.01 2011-07-31
* bug fixed: tracker_get_connection_ex and tracker_get_connection_r_ex
connect two times with multi tracker servers
* bug fixed: tracker_mem_check_add_tracker_servers condition not correct
* all logError add source filename and line
* php extension support upload file callback
* php extension support download file callback
Version 3.00 2011-06-19
* mass small files optimization
* add fixed block memory pool: common/fast_mblock.c
* bug fixed: tracker_mem.c do NOT clear g_groups fields
* bug fixed: slave file and appender file download ok
* bug fixed: tracker / storage run by group / user, set file owner
* tracker server support leader
* client support static library
* client_func.h add functions fdfs_tracker_group_equals and
* bug fixed: test/dfs_func_pc.c compile ok
* storage server check free space enough when upload a file
Version 2.09 2011-02-19
* bug fixed: write_to_binlog_index then increase g_binlog_index (feedback
by koolcoy)
* disk read / write supports direct mode (avoid caching by the file system)
Version 2.08 2011-01-30
* bug fixed: fdfs_trackerd.c set g_tracker_thread_count to 0
* add cmd TRACKER_PROTO_CMD_SERVER_LIST_ONE_GROUP to support list one group
* support disk recovery automatically
* support total_upload_bytes, success_upload_bytes, total_download_bytes and
success_download_bytes etc. 18 stat fields
* tracker data file storage_groups.dat changes to storage_groups_new.dat, and
storage_servers.dat changes to storage_servers_new.dat
* support file append, add tests: fdfs_appender_test and fdfs_appender_test1
* storage_dio.c: dio_deal_task split to several functions
* tracker http check thread exit normally
* function fdfs_get_file_info_ex changed, add function fdfs_get_file_info_ex1
* fix some type cast error when compile with c++
* client add tools: fdfs_upload_appender and fdfs_append_file
Version 2.07 2011-01-09
* slave file's prefix name can be empty
* FDFS_MAX_GROUPS change from 64 to 512
* file size field in the file id changed: high 32 bits is random integer
when the file size < 2GB and the highest bit set to 1
* tracker_service.c: in function list_group_storages, use strcpy
intead of memcpy
* php extension add function fastdfs_tracker_delete_storage
* client add tool: fdfs_file_info to get file info, including file size,
create timestamp, source storage ip address and crc32 signature
* fdfs_upload_file.c: omit more error info when the local file not exist
Version 2.06 2010-12-26
* sync file op: do not sync the file which exists on dest storage server
and the file size are same
* bug fixed: sync copy file will clear the existed file on dest storage
server (truncate the file size to 0), this bug caused by V2.04
* bug fixed: make temp file discard system function mkstemp,
use file sequence No. with pthread_mutex_lock
* bug fixed: function fastdfs_tracker_list_groups, when parameter group_name
is null or empty string, return all groups info
* bug fixed: upload a file extends 2GB will fail
* bug fixed: tracker to tracker sync system data files, in function:
tracker_mem_get_tracker_server, pTrackerStatus not be set properly
Version 2.05 2010-12-05
* client/fdfs_monitor.c: add sync delay time
* tracker/fast_task_queue.c: pTask->data = pTask->arg + arg_size;
change to: pTask->data = (char *)pTask->arg + arg_size;
* bug fixed: storage_sync.c line 237 cause core dump in Ubuntu 10.04
* upload file test use mmap, support more test_upload processes
* client add three tools: fdfs_upload_file, fdfs_download_file and
Version 2.04 2010-11-19
* storage.conf: tracker server ip can NOT be
* do not catch signal SIGABRT
* strerror change to STRERROR macro
* sync copy file use temp filename first, rename to the correct filename
when sync done
* file id use 4 bytes CRC32 signature instead of random number
* add file: client/fdfs_crc32.c
* one of file hash code signature function change from APHash_ex
to simple_hash_ex
* bug fixed: when fdfs_storaged quit, maybe write to binlog file fail,
the error info is "Bad file descriptor"
Version 2.03 2010-11-08
* bug fixed: core dump when http.need_find_content_type=false and
* storage server add join_time field (create timestamp of this storage)
* tracker server fetch system files from other tracker server when
first storage server join in (tracker to tracker sync system files)
* tracker server changes the old ip address to the new address when the
storage server ip address changed
* tracker to tracker sync system data files in some case, multi tracker
server supported well
Version 2.02 2010-10-28
* get parameters function from tracker server changed,
add paramter: storage_sync_file_max_delay
* local ip functions move to common/local_ip_func.c
* when query all storage servers to store, do not increase the current
write server index
* struct FDFSHTTPParams add field: need_find_content_type
* symbol link client library to /usr/lib64 in 64 bits OS
* storage_client.c: deal file extension name correctly
Version 2.01 2010-10-17
* client/fdfs_monitor.c can specify tracker server
* php extension can set log filename
* php extension add function: fastdfs_client_version
* bug fixed: client/tracker_client.c tracker_get_connection_ex NULL pointer
* set max core dump file size to at least 256MB when DEBUG_FLAG is on,
make sure to generate core file when core dump with DEBUG_FLAG on
* upload file can get available storage server list of the group,
* bug fixed: storage core dump in some case
Version 2.00 2010-08-22
* tracker network io use libevent instead of traditional io model
* storage network io use libevent instead of traditional io model
* storage disk read/write use separate threads
* tracker_mem.c malloc single group and storage struct, remove referer
* make install copy config files
* tracker.conf add two parameters: storage_sync_file_max_delay and
* client tracker_get_connection increase server_index correctly
* storage sync to storage server adds active test
* test programs compile ok
Version 1.29 2010-06-30
* add files: tracker_dump.h and tracker_dump.c, tracker dump global vars
* add files: storage_dump.h and storage_dump.c, storage dump global vars
* sockopt.c: tcprecvfile and tcpdiscard add parameter total_recv_bytes
* storage server add fields: storage_port and storage_http_port
* auto rename synced remark files when the port of all storage servers
in a group changed to another port
* connect server support timeout, adding connect_timeout parameter in
config file
* log_init set log to cache to false (no cache)
Version 1.28 2010-05-30
* tracker_servive.c: set current_write_group anyway when current group
out of space
* logger support context (multi instance)
* get storage servers by filename: if the file created one day ago (the create
timestamp of the file < current_time - 86400), any active storage server matches
* add files: common/pthread_func.h and common/pthread_func.c
* common/sched_thread.h, remove statement: extern bool g_continue_flag;
* client add libfastcommon
* global variables: g_base_path, g_network_timeout, g_version change to
g_fdfs_base_path, g_fdfs_network_timeout, g_fdfs_version
* common/fdfs_base64.h/c change name to common/base64.h/c
* protocol add ACTIVE_TEST, tracker and storage both support
* php client, bug fixed: fastdfs_connect_server, the sock must init to -1
* bug fixed: storage status not correct with multi tracker servers
* sync storage mark file and stat file to disk properly
Version 1.27 2010-04-10
* storage.conf: add if_alias_prefix parameter to get the ip address of the
local host
* storage http support domain name
* php extension add some parameters in fastdfs_client.ini
* compile use debug mode
* type off_t change to int64_t
* redirect stdout and stderr to log file
* php extension list_groups add fields: version and http_domain
Version 1.26 2010-02-28
* remove compile warning of logError
* ini reader support section
* bug fixed: tracker/tracker_mem.c sync storage server status
* use storage server http server port anyway
* bug fixed: ini reader can support relative config filename
* function enhancement: tracker server can check storage HTTP server alive
Version 1.25 2010-02-04
* storage_sync.c if source file not exist when sync a file, change from
logWarning to logDebug
* filename buff size change from 64 to 128
* bug fixed: c client and php client, log not inited cause core dump when
call log functions
* can print stack trace when process core dumped in Linux server
* bug fixed: tracker/tracker_mem.c load storage servers fail with many groups
and storage servers
* common/sockopt.c remove debug info
* storage stat add fields: version
* auto adjust when storage server ip address changed
* bug fixed: when add a new storage server, other storage servers' status keep
the same, not changed
* add macros, compile passed in cygwin, thanks Seapeak
* write to system data file using lock
* common/ini_file_reader.c: use one context parameter, not two parameters
* storage status sync modified (the code of tracker and storage both changed)
* when recv kill signal, worker thread quit more quickly, daemon process
fdfs_trackerd and fdfs_storage quit very quickly when recv kill signal
* remove compile warning info of logError
* tracker server start more quickly with many groups and storage servers
* bug fixed: correct off_t printf format
Version 1.24 2010-01-06
* call php_fdfs_close with TSRMLS_CC as php_fdfs_close(i_obj TSRMLS_CC)
* storage server to storage server report ip address as tracker client
* bug fixed: sendfile exceeds 2GB file in Linux
* bug fixed: delete storage server
* storage stat add fields: up_time and src_ip_addr
* big static or struct memeber char array buffer change to malloc in order to
decrease stack size
* FDFS_WRITE_BUFF_SIZE change from 512KB to 256KB
* bug fixed: client/storage_client.c, meta data miss when upload file
* decrease thread_stack_size default value in config files: tracker.conf
and storage.conf
Version 1.23 2009-11-29
* remove unuseless variable "sleep_secs" in tracker_report_thread_entrance
* storage can bind an address when connect to other servers (as a client)
* common/md5.h fix UINT4 typedef wrong type in 64 bit OS
* client/fdfs_test.c: print the source ip address decoded from the remote
* client add function fdfs_get_file_info
* php extension add functions: fastdfs_http_gen_token and fastdfs_get_file_info
* server process will exit when the http service starts fail
* support file group, a master file with many slave files whose file id can be
combined from master file id and prefix
* php client support uploading slave file
* ip address in filename change from host byte order to network byte order
* storage sync performance enhancement, using read buffer of 64KB to avoid
reading binlog file repeatly
* storage add prototol cmd: STORAGE_PROTO_CMD_QUERY_FILE_INFO
* FDFS_FILE_EXT_NAME_MAX_LEN changed from 5 to 6
* get file info support slave file
* storage server for uploading file support priority
Version 1.22 2009-10-12
* bug fixed: common/shared_func.c allow_hosts array maybe overflow in some case
* tracker/tracker_mem.c: protocol TRACKER_PROTO_CMD_SERVICE_QUERY_FETCH_ALL,
return at least a storage server when active storage
server count of the group > 0
* bug fixed: when client connection disconnected, always log debug or error info
* default not install FastDFS services in Linux server
* common/sockopt.c: setsockopt level SOL_TCP only supported in Linux
* common/http_func.c: do not use function strsep because strsep is not portable
* client upload file support callback function
* client support multi tracker groups (multi FastDFS clusters)
* bug fixed: thread_stack_size not correct when the param thread_stack_size
not set in the config file
* supply php extension (directory name: php_client)
* c client reconnect server (tracker or storage) when network IO error
* c client: make tracker server index counter thread safely
Version 1.21 2009-09-19
* bug fixed: when source storage server synced file to new storage server done,
it's status changed to ONLINE (should keep as ACTIVE, report by zhouzezhong)
* add thread_stack_size in config file, default value is 1MB (report by chhxo)
* tracker and storage server use setsockopt to keep alive
(report by zhouzezhong)
* bug fixed: storage server with multi-path, upload file fail when the free
space of each path <= reserved space (the total free space > reserved space,
report by zhouzezhong)
* storage_sync.c: when connect fail, do not change the dest storage server '
status to offline
* tracker_service.c and storage_service.c change log level from WARNING to DEBUG
when client connection disconnected (report by Jney402)
* bug fixed: tracker_client.c correct store_path_index return by tracker server
(report by happy_fastdfs)
* bug fixed: tracker_service.c when store_lookup set to 2 (load balance), use
another pthread lock to avoid long time lock waiting
(report by happy_fastdfs)
* add service shell scripts in directory: init.d
(services will auto installed on Linux, report by hugwww)
Version 1.20 2009-09-05
* base64 use context, functions changed
* common/ini_file_reader.c: fix memory leak
* tracker server support HTTP protocol, one thread mode
* storage server support HTTP protocol, one thread mode
* fix bug: storage server rebuild, auto sync data correctly
* fix bug: sync data fail (correct storage server status)
* when storage server idle time exceeds check_active_interval seconds,
set it's status to offline
* tracker counter thread safely
Version 1.19 2009-07-23
* use poll instead of select in sockopt.c
* hash.c use chain impl by self
* use FastDHT 1.09 client code
* ini reader support HTTP protocol, conf file can be an url
* correct test dir compile error
* use non-block socket to increase network IO performance
* add cmd TRACKER_PROTO_CMD_SERVICE_QUERY_FETCH_ALL: query all storage servers
from which the file can be dowloaded
* while (1) ... break; changed to do ... while (0);
Version 1.18 2009-05-24
* only kill the programs match the program name and all parameters
* correct get local ip addresses
* common files do not use global vars like g_network_timeout and g_base_path
* download file support offset and download bytes
* hash function change type from unsigned int to signed int
* file size in file name support 64 bits, old bytes is 4, new bytes is 8
Version 1.17 2009-03-19
* add test programs at sub directory test/
* common/shared_func.c: rindex change to strrchr, add #include <netinet/in.h>
* support SunOS (Solaris), compile passed on SunOS 5.10
* support AIX, compile passed on AIX 5.3
* sys call statfs change to statvfs
* use scheduling thread to sync binlog buff / cache to disk, add parameter
"sync_binlog_buff_interval" to conf file storage.conf
* use FastDHT v1.07 client code
Version 1.16 2009-02-14
* client can specify group name when upload file
* tracker_service.c: cmd dispatch changed to "switch ... case"
not "if ... else if"
* storage_service.c: call fdfs_quit before tracker_disconnect_server
Version 1.15 2009-01-28
* use FastDHT v1.04 client code
* use FastDHT client thread safely
Version 1.14 2009-01-18
* storage/storage_sync.c:
old: if (reader.sync_row_count % 1000 == 0)
new: if (reader.scan_row_count % 2000 == 0)
* little adjustment for common files can be used by FastDHT
* sched_thread.h /.c add global variable g_schedule_flag to quit normally
* shared_func.h / .c add function get_time_item_from_conf
* sched_thread.h /.c support time_base of task
* hash.h / .c add function CRC32, add hash function to support stream hash
* add FastDHT client files in storage/fdht_client/
* create symbol link when the file content is duplicate,
add item "check_file_duplicate" to conf file storage.conf
* use FastDHT v1.02 client code
* auto delete invalid entry in FastDHT when the source file does not exist
Version 1.13 2008-11-29
* re-calculate group 's free space when one of it's storage servers'
free space increase
* add parameters: sync_interval, sync_start_time and sync_end_time to
* performance enhancement: log to buffer, flush to disk every interval seconds
* standard fds closed by daemon_init: 0(stdin), 1(stdout) and 2(stderr)
* fix bug: pthread_kill sometimes cause core dump when program terminated
* fix bug: sync.c open next binlog cause loop call
Version 1.12 2008-11-12
* storage server support multi path (mount point)
* upload file support file ext name, add source storage ip address to filename
* add delete command to delete the invalid storage server
* add client functions which combine group name and filename to file id,
add anothor client test program: fdfs_test1.c to use file id
* client download file support callback function
and client API add tracker_query_storage_update
* add protocol cmd TRACKER_PROTO_CMD_STORAGE_SYNC_REPORT to report last
synced timestamp as dest server
* fix sync old data files to new server bug
* fcntl change to pthread_mutex_lock
Version 1.11 2008-10-04
* kill report and sync threads when recv terminate signal
* add item "store_server" in tracker.conf, by default use the first
storage server to store uploaded files
* ini_file_reader.c changed: a conf file can include other conf files
* some adjustment:
some macro name changed
add common_define.h
remove fdfs_define.c
fdfs_os_bits.h change to _os_bits.h
Version 1.10 2008-09-20
* performance optimizing: use thread pool, create all work threads at startup
* trim function op in shared_func.c
* add Makefile template, delete Makefile and Makefile.freebsd
change to support all unix systems (passed in Linux and FreeBSD)
Version 1.9 2008-09-14
* security enhancement: support allow hosts which can connect to the server
* server can be run by the specified group and user, set by the config file
* change and add file common/fdfs_os_bits.h,
remove the warning info of printf format for int64_t param in 64 bits system
* storage_client.c changed: auto connect to storage server when not connected
* change some macro name and function name in tracker/tracker_proto.h
Version 1.8 2008-09-07
* communication protocol changed to support large file exceed 2GB:
# all integer field is 8 bytes big-endian
# group name fixed length: FDFS_GROUP_NAME_MAX_LEN bytes
* storage stat numbers (such as total_upload_count, success_upload_count)
use int64_t (8 bytes integer)
* ini_file_reader.c add function iniGetInt64Value
* sockopt.c add function tcpsetnonblockopt
* shared_func.c add function set_nonblock
Version 1.7 2008-08-31
* performance optimizing:
# change fopen to syscall open
# increase the efficiency of socket functions tcpsenddata and tcprecvdata
* change the return value of socket funtions such as tcpsenddata,
tcprecvdata and connectserverbyip
old return value: result=1 for success, result != 1 fail
new return value: result=0 for success, result != 0 fail, return the error code
* log function enhancement:
# support log level
# parameter "log_level" added to server config file
# keep the log file opened to increase performance
* fix log format and parameter mismatched bug (check by printf)
* log CRIT message to log file when program exit unexpectedly
* Makefile add compile flag -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to support large files
* change the type of file_size and file_offset to off_t
* change signal to sigaction
* fix client Makefile to compile library correctly
* modified: use external command "expr" to replace shell command "let"
Version 1.6 2008-08-24
* add restart daemon shell script:
* use setrlimit to increase max open files if necessary
* security enhancement: the format of data filename must be: HH/HH/filename,
eg. B9/F4/SLI2NAAMRPR9r8.d
* fix bug: errno is not correct where the downloaded file does not exist,
communication is broken when the download file is a directory
Version 1.5 2008-08-17
* add client function storage_download_file_to_file
* use pthread_attr_setstacksize to increase thread stack size to 1 MB
* use sendfile syscall to send file in Linux and FreeBSD
* fix bug: add O_TRUNC flag when open file to write
* remove warning info compiled by gcc 4.2
* fcntl set lock.l_len to 0
Version 1.4 2008-08-10
* storage server recv file method change
old method: recv the whole file content/buff before write to file
new method: write to file once recv a certain bytes file buff, eg. 128KB buff size
* storage client and storage server send file method change
old method: get the whole file content/buff, then send to storage server
new method: send file to storage server more times. get a certain bytes file buff, then send to storage server
* upload file package remove the one pad byte field
Version 1.3 2008-08-03
* fix bug: when meta data is empty, get meta data return error
* support java client
# memset response header to 0
# add group_name to upload file response package
Version 1.2 2008-07-27
* add client function storage_set_metadata to support setting metadata(overwrite or merge)
Version 1.1 2008-07-20
* implement storage disk report
* storing load balance between storage groups(volumes) when set store_lookup to 2
Version 1.0 2008-07-12
* first version