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Some useful Cloudy (Ferland et al. 2013) outputs management scripts


List section provides name of scripts and their applications. For details of each script, please read introduction at beginning of each script. Please make sure you have latest Python3 to run these scripts.

List of Scripts

CoolingFunction -- Example code used to show analytic fit functions (cooling function and cooling rate) in Wang et al. (2013). -- Use to get H&He, metal, and ee cooling( defined in Wang et al. 2013) from CLOUDY’s 'save cooling each' and 'save overview' outputs. -- Use to merge temporary files generate by 'grid' command into a whole file. -- Use to run cloudy when input variables need to be expressed as a function (such as log(T) + log(n_H) = 10). Run cloudy in a multiprocessing way.