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Go Release GitHub Action

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Automatically publish Go binaries to Github Release Assets through Github Action.


  • Build Go binaries for release and publish to Github Release Assets.
  • Customizable Go versions. latest by default.
  • Support different Go project path in repository.
  • Support multiple binaries in same repository.
  • Customizable binary name.
  • Support multiple GOOS/GOARCH build in parallel by Github Action Matrix Strategy gracefully.
  • Publish .zip for windows and .tar.gz for Unix-like OS by default, optionally to disable the compression.
  • No musl library dependency issue on linux.
  • Support extra command that will be executed before go build. You may want to use it to solve dependency if you're NOT using Go Modules.
  • Rich parameters support for go build(e.g. -ldflags, etc.).
  • Support package extra files into artifacts (e.g., LICENSE,, etc).
  • Support customize build command, e.g., use packr2(packr2 build) instead of go build. Another important usage is to use make(Makefile) for building on Unix-like systems.
  • Support optional .md5 along with artifacts.
  • Support optional .sha256 along with artifacts.
  • Customizable release tag to support publish binaries per push or workflow_dispatch(manually trigger).
  • Support overwrite assets if it's already exist.
  • Support customizable asset names.
  • Support private repositories.
  • Support executable compression by upx.
  • Support retry if upload phase fails.


Basic Example

# .github/workflows/release.yaml

    types: [created]

    name: release linux/amd64
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v3
    - uses: wangyoucao577/go-release-action@v1.35
        github_token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        goos: linux
        goarch: amd64


Parameter Mandatory/Optional Description
github_token Mandatory Your GITHUB_TOKEN for uploading releases to Github assets.
goos Mandatory GOOS is the running program's operating system target: one of darwin, freebsd, linux, and so on.
goarch Mandatory GOARCH is the running program's architecture target: one of 386, amd64, arm, arm64, s390x, loong64 and so on.
goamd64 Optional GOAMD64 is the running programs amd64 microarchitecture level, which is available since go1.18. It should only be used when GOARCH is amd64: one of v1, v2, v3, v4.
goversion Optional The Go compiler version. latest(check it here) by default, optional 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19. You can also define a specific minor release, such as 1.19.5.
Alternatively takes a download URL instead of version string. Make sure your URL references the linux-amd64 package. You can find the URL on Go - Downloads.
project_path Optional Where to run go build.
Use . by default.
binary_name Optional Specify another binary name if do not want to use repository basename.
Use your repository's basename if not set.
pre_command Optional Extra command that will be executed before go build. You may want to use it to solve dependency if you're NOT using Go Modules.
build_command Optional The actual command to build binary, typically go build. You may want to use other command wrapper, e.g., packr2, example build_command: 'packr2 build'. Remember to use pre_command to set up packr2 command in this scenario.
It also supports the make(Makefile) building system, example build_command: make. In this case both build_flags and ldflags will be ignored since they should be written in your Makefile already. Also, please make sure the generated binary placed in the path where make runs, i.e., project_path.
executable_compression Optional Compression executable binary by some third-party tools. It takes compression command with optional args as input, e.g., upx or upx -v.
Only upx is supported at the moment.
build_flags Optional Additional arguments to pass the go build command.
ldflags Optional Values to provide to the -ldflags argument.
extra_files Optional Extra files that will be packaged into artifacts either. Multiple files separated by space. Note that extra folders can be allowed either since internal cp -r already in use.
E.g., extra_files: LICENSE
md5sum Optional Publish .md5 along with artifacts, TRUE by default.
sha256sum Optional Publish .sha256 along with artifacts, FALSE by default.
release_tag Optional Target release tag to publish your binaries to. It's dedicated to publish binaries on every push into one specified release page since there's no target in this case. DON'T set it if you trigger the action by release: [created] event as most people do.
release_name Optional Alternative to release_tag for release target specification and binary push. The newest release by given release_name will be picked from all releases. Useful for e.g. untagged(draft) ones.
overwrite Optional Overwrite asset if it's already exist. FALSE by default.
asset_name Optional Customize asset name if do not want to use the default format ${BINARY_NAME}-${RELEASE_TAG}-${GOOS}-${GOARCH}.
Make sure set it correctly, especially for matrix usage that you have to append -${{ matrix.goos }}-${{ matrix.goarch }}. A valid example could be asset_name: binary-name-${{ matrix.goos }}-${{ matrix.goarch }}.
retry Optional How many times retrying if upload fails. 3 by default.
post_command Optional Extra command that will be executed for teardown work. e.g. you can use it to upload artifacts to AWS s3 or aliyun OSS
compress_assets Optional auto default will produce a zip file for Windows and tar.gz for others. zip will force the use of of zip. OFF will disable packaging of assets.

Advanced Example

  • Release for multiple OS/ARCH in parallel by matrix strategy.
  • Go code is not in . of your repository.
  • Customize binary name.
  • Use go 1.13.1 from downloadable URL instead of the default version.
  • Package extra LICENSE and into artifacts.
# .github/workflows/release.yaml

    types: [created]

    name: Release Go Binary
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
        # build and publish in parallel: linux/386, linux/amd64, linux/arm64, windows/386, windows/amd64, darwin/amd64, darwin/arm64
        goos: [linux, windows, darwin]
        goarch: ["386", amd64, arm64]
          - goarch: "386"
            goos: darwin
          - goarch: arm64
            goos: windows
    - uses: actions/checkout@v3
    - uses: wangyoucao577/go-release-action@v1.35
        github_token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        goos: ${{ matrix.goos }}
        goarch: ${{ matrix.goarch }}
        goversion: ""
        project_path: "./cmd/test-binary"
        binary_name: "test-binary"
        extra_files: LICENSE

More Examples

Welcome share your usage for other people's reference!

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