Windows Phone Development Demos
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#Windows Phone Development Demo

This is not only MiniBrowser. It actually contains all initial Windows Phone developing attemps.

Demo 1 : Mini Browser - MainPage about the basic window phone UI designer and code Demo 2 : Progress Bar - SecondPage about the basic UI rendering and animation

###Install first install bootcamp 1) download ISO file from MSDN

start the windows phone app development

  1. the UI creation is really VB style, you have UI and properties box, but this time, you have a new thing named xaml, which is similar to Android xml

  2. xaml use all similar way to Android xml UI development

###Note xaml is very similar to Android xml development. They both use xml try to render layout

most part of coding is very similar to WPF framework or actually the same. we can use the same way working on it

unfortunately, Windows Phone enviornment is not as good as iOS. Their screen size are difference between vendors, like Nokia 920 (1280740), Samsung (1280720) and HTC (480*800)

the debugging progress is not quite good. We have to stop the debug mode, otherwise we can not edit the code

register device is as easy as iOS development. We must have Windows Store Account

Scale animation is better than Height & Width