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+# Connect Proxy
+Proxy a request to another server
+# Usage
+ proxy(host, port);
+# Example
+ var connect = require('connect')
+ , proxy = require('connect-proxy')
+ , app = connect.createServer();
+ app.use('/images', proxy(''));
+ app.use('/thumbs', proxy(''));
+ app.use('/legacy', proxy('', 8080));
+ app.listen(3000);
+# My Use Case
+I have been in the process of converting our existing web applications to node.
+In my connect routes my last ditch effort to handle a request unhandled by any
+other middleware is to proxy it to a legacy backend server which serves up the
+old version of the application.
+That way I can migrate portions of the existing application piece by piece and
+register routes for those bits which have been migrated. If the URL is
+unhandled then it seamlessly gets passed to a backend server.
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