A hacky solution for querying ODBC data sources (including MS SQL) with nodejs.
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Please note. I will not be developing this any more. For useful ODBC in nodejs check out node-odbc


A hacky solution for querying ODBC data sources (including MS SQL) with nodejs.

Rather than develop a C++ module for nodejs that would bind to the unixODBC libraries, I have hacked the original isql tool to accept SQL queries via stdin and then output the resulting recordset via stdout using JSON encoding. I call this tool isql-json.

Using the nodejs child_process class, we can spawn a process of isql-json and pass queries to it via the child_process's stdin stream and receive responses via the child_process's stdout stream.

This is by no means a finished product. There is still a ton of error handling and optimizations that need to be addressed.

Use at your own risk.


On an Ubuntu machine you need to make sure you have odbc installed:

apt-get install unixodbc unixodbc-dev

If you are going to be querying a MS SQL server, be sure to install the tds packages:

apt-get install freetds-bin freetds-common tdsodbc

Get the source for node-unixodbc-isql-json from github:

git clone git://github.com/wankdanker/node-unixodbc-isql-json.git

In the isql-json directory, do the standard configure and make

cd isql-json

Modify sql.js to include the proper DSN, userName and password for your data source

Try it out:

node sql.js
select top 10 * from tableName