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@@ -42,21 +42,16 @@ The matchers and helpers should be available for your specs by default, but you
Scenario: A new person signs up
Given I am at "/"
- And a clear email queue
+ And no emails have been sent
When I fill in "Email" with ""
- And I fill in "Password" with "monkey"
- And I fill in "Password confirmation" with "monkey"
And I press "Sign up"
- Then "" should receive 1 email
- And "" should have 1 email
- And "" should not receive an email
+ And I should receive an email
When I open the email
Then I should see "confirm" in the email
- And I should see "Account confirmation" in the subject
When I follow "confirm" in the email
Then I should see "Confirm your new account"
-Check out an app that implements these features at
+For more examples, check out spec/rails_root in the source for a small example app that implements these steps.
== TODO:

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