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Kelp History


  • Switch to Capybara 2
  • Support for ambiguous fields
  • Several fixes for Ruby 1.9 contributed by @eostrom


  • Rails 3 generator tested and working


  • Added Rails 3 generator


  • Fixed arity mismatch bug in "I am on / I go to" step definition
  • Allow "an" in "should see ... button" step definitions
  • Allow empty strings in some stepdefs


  • Fixed a 'within' clause quoted identifier glitch in cucumber output
  • Fixed bug in "fill in the following" step definition
  • Raise Kelp::Unexpected instead of RSpec exception
  • Dropdown inclusion steps now accumulate unexpected values instead of failing on the first one
  • More cucumber self-tests to prevent breakages


  • Fill-in methods now accept checkbox and dropdown fields
  • Generated step definitions now replace those of cucumber-rails (web_steps.rb)
  • should_be_on_page and should_have_query methods added
  • should_see_button and should_not_see_button visibility methods added


  • Fixed bug with should_see / should_not_see in RSpec 1.x


  • Fixed bug with dropdown_should_include, caused by Rails string monkeypatching
  • Allow should_see and should_not_see to check all strings before failing


  • Improved generated step definitions in kelp_steps.rb, fixed some bugs therein
  • Expanded cucumber self-tests for generated step definitions
  • Fixed bug with field_should_be_empty; now works with textarea


  • Added Rails generator for generating kelp_steps.rb with some predefined steps
  • Included some cucumber self-tests, especially to test the generated steps
  • Fixed scoping error in xpath_row_containing


  • Fixed single-quote escaping issue in table rows and dropdowns
  • Began adding Webrat support (still untested and not fully implemented)


  • Messed up 0.1.4 release. Incorrectly requires webrat.


  • Improved namespacing for submodules, so you can be more specific about requiring the helpers you need.
  • Improved documentation and formatting, and converted all docs to YARD format.
  • Added new methods fill_in_field, added scoping to field_should(_not)_contain
  • Modified scope_within to use cucumber-rails' selector_for if it's defined


Initial public release. Includes basic helpers for checking element visibility (should_see, should_not_see etc.) as well as navigation (press, follow, click_link_in_row), form filling and verification (fill_in_fields, fields_should_contain, dropdown_should_equal, etc.), with many of these methods supporting a :within scope.