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Zip Code Zone

This extension provides Zones based on ZIP code ranges to the Spree e-Commerce framework. It was written for Spree 0.10.2, but might work with other versions as well.


To install, first grab the extension using Git:

script/extension install git://

Then migrate your database to add the necessary tables:

rake db:migrate


ZIP code ranges can be edited from the Administration / Configuration interface; then a Zone may be defined with one or more ZIP code ranges as members.

Once you've defined your zones, you can configure them for taxation or shipping like you would with a state- or country-based zone.


This extension creates one new model, ZipCodeRange, which stores a starting and ending ZIP code. The design of this model is based on the State model, with slight changes to the comparison and to_s methods.

There is an Admin::ZipCodeRangesController that thinly wraps the administrative views for creating, updating, and/or deleting ZIP code ranges.

The zip_code_zone_extension.rb contains overrides to the Zone and Admin::ZonesController classes in order to support the ZipCodeRange model as a zoneable type. Two admin/zones view partials are also overridden, as is the public/javascripts/zone.js script responsible for showing and hiding the zonable fields.