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Exercises for learning Reverse Engineering and Exploitation.
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Exercises for learning Reverse Engineering and Exploitation.

All binaries for these challenges are ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64.

reverse engineering

The goal is to run the chalenges like this ./rX password and having them print out password OK. It's reverse engineering, not cracking. So don't patch the binnaries if you want to play by the rules. It gets really borring if you don't anyway.


All the sploit exercices are designed to be solvable with NX+ASLR without being dependant on which libc is used. The idea is you should only interact with stdin / stdout as if it was a remote service, argv & env is not needed for exploitation.

The goal is of course to spawn a shell on each one. All of them are tested.

Of course you can still do whatever you like, have fun!

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