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Project: FlareMail

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Project Summary

An app that creates a custom email signature for users to insert into their email clients like Gmail, Outlook etc. The app generates pre-written code that the user can insert into the email client software.


Gerardo Cambronero: UX/UI Designer

Waqar Habib: UX/UI + Logic Developer

Patrick Whynot: Back-end Developer

Animated Gifs/Pictures of App

  • Coming Soon

Tech Stack

  • Languages: HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript
  • Libraries: jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Fonts
  • APIs: Unsplash, GIPHY



  • Generate a signature (not just HTML code) that can be copied and pasted into email server

Stretch Goals

  • Goal 1: Add instructions on how user can insert their html code into email server like gmail
  • Goal 2: Add another API that pulls the users address into their signature

Future Development

  • TBD


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