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An Ad-tracking extension for Chrome and Firefox
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Track Prebid.js Activity

An ad-tracking extension for Chrome and Firefox

MyAdPrice allows you to track how much money advertisers bid to show you ads as you surf the Web. It utilizes hooks in the Prebid library along with other methods to track this activity. By default, it sends out no data from the user's device. However, users can opt-in to send specific, anonymized statistics to our servers to help in our research.


Please use these links to install the extension for your browser:

MyAdPrice is not currently offered for Safari and Edge. Please make sure you don't have ad blockers enabled because there will be no ad activity on websites in that case.

MyAdPrice works on thousands of websites, some of which are listed here. Please also note that many websites avoid using header bidding techniques, especially if you are in Europe, unless you explicity accept cookies.

We recommend that after you install the extension, click the "I agree" button in the History and let it sit for a while as you browse the web so that it accumulates data (on your browser's local storage) about what revenues websites make from your visits and how bids for your views compare with those of other users.



Technical Notes

MyAdPrice is a very simple browser extension. There are only a few UI-related dependencies that you can fetch by running make.

Besides utilizing prebid.js functions, the extension also has fallback mechanisms that include inspecting outgoing network requests to ad servers to infer data about the ads. In its attempt to show you as much information as it can, MyAdPrice may sometimes encounter false positives such as tracking pixels registering as ad slots of unknown size.


This study is being carried out by researchers at Duke University, Max Plank Institute for Informatics, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and ETH Zurich. Please refer to the group's webpage for more details.

The aim of this study is to investigate the header bidding infrastructure, the network and geographic attributes of the 50+ ad exchanges and the thousands of publishers that take part in header bidding today, and how they interact with the user's browser, which affects website load time and publisher revenue. We believe it is the first study of its kind.



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