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import socket
from select import poll, POLLIN
except ImportError: # `poll` doesn't exist on OSX and other platforms
poll = False
from select import select
except ImportError: # `select` doesn't exist on AppEngine.
select = False
def is_connection_dropped(conn): # Platform-specific
Returns True if the connection is dropped and should be closed.
:param conn:
:class:`httplib.HTTPConnection` object.
Note: For platforms like AppEngine, this will always return ``False`` to
let the platform handle connection recycling transparently for us.
sock = getattr(conn, 'sock', False)
if sock is False: # Platform-specific: AppEngine
return False
if sock is None: # Connection already closed (such as by httplib).
return True
if not poll:
if not select: # Platform-specific: AppEngine
return False
return select([sock], [], [], 0.0)[0]
except socket.error:
return True
# This version is better on platforms that support it.
p = poll()
p.register(sock, POLLIN)
for (fno, ev) in p.poll(0.0):
if fno == sock.fileno():
# Either data is buffered (bad), or the connection is dropped.
return True
# This function is copied from in the Python 2.7 standard
# library test suite. Added to its signature is only `socket_options`.
def create_connection(address, timeout=socket._GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT,
source_address=None, socket_options=None):
"""Connect to *address* and return the socket object.
Convenience function. Connect to *address* (a 2-tuple ``(host,
port)``) and return the socket object. Passing the optional
*timeout* parameter will set the timeout on the socket instance
before attempting to connect. If no *timeout* is supplied, the
global default timeout setting returned by :func:`getdefaulttimeout`
is used. If *source_address* is set it must be a tuple of (host, port)
for the socket to bind as a source address before making the connection.
An host of '' or port 0 tells the OS to use the default.
host, port = address
err = None
for res in socket.getaddrinfo(host, port, 0, socket.SOCK_STREAM):
af, socktype, proto, canonname, sa = res
sock = None
sock = socket.socket(af, socktype, proto)
# If provided, set socket level options before connecting.
# This is the only addition urllib3 makes to this function.
_set_socket_options(sock, socket_options)
if timeout is not socket._GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT:
if source_address:
return sock
except socket.error as _:
err = _
if sock is not None:
sock = None
if err is not None:
raise err
raise socket.error("getaddrinfo returns an empty list")
def _set_socket_options(sock, options):
if options is None:
for opt in options: