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Inspiration and Motivation
James R. Bracy

Inspiration is a feeling to do something that comes from the person who is inspired. The source of inspiration can be anything, a simple rock on a well trodden path or a figure of history. The skillful engineer who is a hard worked is also a source of inspiration that others look up to. This drive to do something is not very powerful except for a time. The rock that lies on the path has no way to encourage someone to continue to push on through the difficulties and challenges of a task, nor does a figure in history. In much the same way the skilled engineer who does not interact or encourage others but give his attention only to his work can not help a discouraged person in time of need.

The difference between the skilled engineer and an influential leader is the ability to motive others. The most productive teams are driven not by a skilled person with raw talent, but by a person who motivates and encourages. Motivation is very powerful. Giving people the drive to do something can make an influential person. Inspiration comes from a single person and affects a single person; motivation comes from a single person and affects many people.

The ability to motivate is strong than the ability to inspire. Having both makes you force to be reckoned with.

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