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Fear and Burning Bridges
James R. Bracy

Throw away the fear of failure. Burn the bridges that give a heaven of safety. Not fearing to step forward and leaving no path back make moving forward the only way. Do not tarry, but fight from growing weary.

Failure is good. Constant failure is bad. Failures result from taking steps outside of the known and comfortable. Failure is even expected, no person is perfect. Understanding the reason for failure and recovering is expected. Consistent failure points out a deep flaw that needs addressing. Fear not failure and instead look forward to the chance to grow.

Growth in life comes at the times of trial. No one has grown from living a casual life. To encourage growth, remove from life what may bring back a casual life. This may mean leaving friends or moving across the country. Burning the bridges to the past ensures that it will not hinder forward movement. Essentially, don't look back, only forward.

Look back on the day, the week, the month, and the year. Have you been moving forward? Has fear kept you back? Do some bridges need burning?