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Redeemer & The Reason for God
James R. Bracy

Since coming to New York City I have attended Redeemer Presbyterian Church. This church is well know throughout the country; I've had people on both the west and east cost tell me about it. Why is it so well-known? Somehow this church has grown to well over 4,000 with about 3,000 involved in weekly fellowship groups! This church has grown in a culture that is seen as hostile to the Christian faith. One of the key points that Tim Keller, the senior pastor at Redeemer has made clear is that Christianity is relevant beyond the boundaries of culture.

The Reason for God is one of Tim Keller's well-known works. For me, this book details how the church has been able to grow in New York City. That isn't the primary purpose of the book, but it gives a great background on the culture of New York City and the church.

One of the most interesting things that I have found is how the book describes “the reasons for faith.” When I was a camp counselor, I remember both being taught and talking to children about these “reasons for faith.” About God, the creator, holy and just, about sin, about Christ, about our response to Christ, and the result. Now, it is known that the central beliefs about Christianity are the same across all cultures, but it is different when you see it in action. It adds depth to knowledge.

I have not yet finished reading the book, although I can already recommend it to both those who live in cultures similar to New York City and those outside it. The Reason for God is a great insight into how Christianity does not belong to one culture and can somehow exists in cultures that are seemingly complete opposites.