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title: Patience
title_fr: Patience
author: James R. Bracy
layout: post
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We are unique as humans. As an engineer, I'm used to thinking of
how to make mechanical things operate faster and more efficiently.
I see a problem, determine the solution, and implement
it is a quickly. Drastic changes can be made to any
inanimate object rather quickly. The human race does not have such
luxury. Should we want to learn something new we much make small changes
over time, often years. The same applies to our bodies, our emotions, and
our relationships. Progress is rather slow.
I'm a computer engineer by trade. Everyday I see how computers and the
programs I develop operate. I understand the limitations and requirements
of the system. From this knowledge I can easily make changes and know
how the changes I make will affect the program. I'm used to being in
a mode where the only goal is to quickly update the program to perform
some task. It is straight forward and is done as quickly as I'm willing
to do the work. It's pretty simple. Patience here is a factor of the
effort I'm putting in.
The same is true for improving myself. Currently I'm learning French.
I have noticed some differences with learning compared to my engineering
tasks. I can't force it to go any faster! If I could I would take all
of the classes in 1 week and at the end come out a master of French.
The human brain does not work like that though. It needs time to process
what I have learned and practice it before getting good. The "upgrading"
of the mind is a completely different process than upgrading a mechanical
system. The acquisition of knowledge is a far more complex process than
putting new code into a computer program. This process requires time
and dedication.
The dedication is similar to that of changing the body through diet and
exercise. It can not and will not be done overnight. I wish I could
compress the time it takes to change my body down to 1 really difficult
week. The sad part about this is that I already have all the knowledge
to change my body. The mind does not have to do that much work and still
I have to be patient! Just like the mind needs time to recover and
process what is happening to it, so does the body.
The same is true with relationships with friends or lovers. I was lucky
to have a twin when I grew up who I could do everything with, and I still
do a lot with. Our relationship has developed of the course of our entire
lives. Then I have close friends who I have gone through college with and
we share a common bond because of the <em>time</em> we spent together.
The time can not be force, and instead has to come naturally. Of course
this does not mean you don't work at it, but if you push to hard
relationships can fall apart. And this is the one part of life where
patience is perhaps required the most, simply because there are always
multiple people involved and well, that requires twice the patience!
You do not have to wait to be content though. The only thing required
for that is to be satisfied with the current direction that you are
headed in your life. No one can do a 180° turn on a dime, so start
making small changes and given enough time and patience you will
start to notice changes.
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Nous sommes unique comme humains. En tant qu'ingénieur, je suis habitué
à penser de comment faire objets mécanique fonctionner plus rapide et
plus efficacement. Je vois une problème, déterminer une solution, et
mettre en œuvre il rapidement. Changements draconiennes peut être faite
à un objet inanimé rapidement. La race humaine n'a pas comme luxe.
Devrions nous voulons apprendre quelque chose de nouveau, nous devons
faire de petits changements avec le temps souvent ans. Le même chose
appliquer a notre corps, notre émotion, et notre relations. Progresser
est plutôt lent.
<em>Tranduction en cours.</em>