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title: User Authentication with Rails and Backbone.js
author: James R. Bracy
layout: post
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[Backbone.js]( is a small framework
@@ -969,4 +968,17 @@ To learn more about [Backbone.js](, vi
Peepcode also has some great [screencasts](
They don't use the most recent version of [Backbone.js](, but its still full of
great information. Some folks have even started writing a free eBook. [Check it out]( for a deeper dive
-into [Backbone.js](
+into [Backbone.js](
+A quick note about security. By default [Rails]( uses
+cookies to store session data. The user will be able to see what is stored in
+the cookie. However [Rails]( does [sign](
+the cookie to prevent the user from tampering with it.
+[HTTPS]( should also be used on the login and
+signup pages. The downside of this is that you may run into issues when
+caching parts of the page. Ideally we would just make the [AJAX]( request when
+the users submits the form over [HTTPS]( The `force_ssl` feature in [Rails](
+can be used to force an action to use [HTTPS](

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