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+title: Judgment
+author: James R. Bracy
+layout: post
+What is it that I am afraid of? Judgement. Judgement from my peers. This fear
+of being judge holds me back letting people know me because I do not think
+they will be impressed with what they find. Instead I hid and covered myself
+to look presentable and as someone others would like.
+Why do I have this fear though? Or is it a need to be accepted? The judgement
+of others undoubtedly carries no bearing on my life from a logical
+perspective. We have all heard "judge not, that you be not judged." <sup><a href="#footnote-1">1</a></sup>
+But each of us judges each other from the moment we meet. The question is, is
+there anyone capable of judging another? Under the assumption of the
+[subjective value theory]( no single man is able
+to justly determine if the actions of another are right or wrong. To do so would
+require the man who seeks to judge have a perfect understanding of the values
+of the judged. And how can you objectively set aside your values when trying
+determine anothers? Even if it were possible to understand the mind and values
+of someone else, judgement could still not be fairly passed. The judge would
+simply find himself understanding why the judged acted as he did. There is
+still no objective basis on which to judge. Appeal to some greater good,
+social justice, God, or some other supernatural power. This is the only way,
+and the man being judge may not value the god you appeal to. Even so one human
+can't judge another based on some moral code from outside human control or
+understanding. The only person able to would be Jesus, but even he did not
+come to the earth to judge it. Any man who judges another is prone to misjudge
+simply because he is human.
+Yet even though people's judgements of me are wrong I still value what they
+think. Every man judges and values every other man even though the judgement
+that is passed is likely wrong. We judge each other because we must choose how
+we will spend our time. We must somehow give value to all our opportunities,
+and this is done through passing judgement. A person must live his or her own
+life and should do it with those who give him the most return or satisfaction.
+So it has been established that it is impossible for man to judge correctly.
+Yet he still judges and in doing so applies value to every other person. And
+this is why I value the judgements of others even though the judgement is
+wrong. I value what they think of me, not weather the judgement is correct or
+not. Over time I find the value I place on how others judge me is dwindling.
+I used to make decisions based on someone else's values. I am finding that it
+is not worth it. Worrying about others only drains energy and does not
+return it. It is also impossible for everyone to be happy with you. Compromise
+and valuing others opinion may be necessary sometimes, but I had constantly
+forgotten the value of my own judgements when making my choices!
+<div class="footnotes"><ol>
+ <li id='footnote-1'>Matthew 7:1</li>

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