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+title: The Rationality of Human Action
+author: James R. Bracy
+layout: post
+Action is rational. When man acts he does so under the assumption
+that the ends which he seeks will make him happier then he currently is, that
+acting will remove any uneasiness felt as a result of the difference states,
+and that by acting he is able to influence his current condition. If neither
+of these were true, man would not act. In fact he would be in a state of
+satisfaction in which acting would result in a worse state of affairs.
+Mans current condition and possible future conditions are a subjective value.
+What one man values may not be what another values. In Human Action, Mises states that &#8220;each man is free to [choose] the relative values of his actions.&#8221; This can not be denied man, even in
+a planned economy. Man will always value to his actions, wether that action is to
+continue to serve the authorities or to revolt. There is no universal &#8220;yardstick&#8221; when it comes to
+judging the value actions. One man may wish above all to achieve some &#8220;higher&#8221;
+goal and yet another may wish above all to satisfy his material desires.
+Because of the subjective value of actions nobody can judge what would make
+someone else happy, as no man is in a position to replace his goals for that
+of anyone else. The achievement of &#8220;higher&#8221; ends to the man who values them is
+just as rational as the achievement of material ends by he who holds his material well being in
+high regard. Neither science, which is merely the study and observation of the
+world through observation and experimentation, nor any other human being, who
+cannot hold the same value as any other man, is able to judge either the
+religious man or the self-indulgent man.
+Just because a man tries to achieve an ends and fails either because of some
+unknown condition, a misunderstanding of the world, or an error in logic does not mean that the person acted
+irrationally. All that is required is that he believe that his actions are
+able to influence his current state into a happier state. Under these
+assumptions, which must be believed in order to act, then action is by
+definition rational. The rationality of an action does not depend on the
+outcome. If a man believes that by chanting he can bring down rain and he
+begins to chant, he is acting rationally even if the means will not bring
+about the rain to fall.
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