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Android Passlist


It's an android client that interacts with the Passlist API.

Android features applied:
  • Use of multiple activities
  • Authentication
  • Shared Preferences to store the API token
  • HTTP Requests using Fast Android Networking
  • File Uploading
  • JSON Parsing
  • Dynamic generated Android Components


Account registration and login

Screenshot of the Register screen Screenshot of the Login screen

Listing of courses (groups) of registered by the current user

Screenshot of the groups screen

Registration of a new course

Screenshot of the Register Group screen

Schedule (calendar) of a given course

Screenshot of the Calendar screen

"Import Students" button allows the app to select a .csv file to add new students to a given course and also update them

Screenshot of the Android File Chooser screen

Selection of a class day to list all the students enrolled in the course

In this activity the user can toggle the attendance of the student for that day.

Screenshot of the Student List screen


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Open it with Android Studio
  3. Run the app with an actual android device or with an AVD