React SPA to view popular Github repositories and compare users, based on the React Fundamentals course from
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Github Battle project from the React Fundamentals course at

Some of the concepts applied are:

  • React Components
  • PropTypes
  • React Router
  • Github API integration
  • AJAX calls with axios
  • JavaScript Promises
  • Webpack configuration
  • NPM scripts to deploy to production using firebase
  • ES6/7 features like arrow functions, async/await, object destructuring

You can find the live version here

You can view the popular repositories from github and filter them by technology like Ruby, CSS, Java, etc.

Image of the repo list screenshot


Enter two valid Github usernames

Image of the user selection screenshot

Click the battle button and see who is the winner based on the number of followers and repositories of each user.

Image of the battle results screenshot


Install all the dependencies.

$ cd github-battle
$ npm install

Try it on your local environment, execute the following command and wait for webpack to finish and go to http://localhost:8080/

$ npm run start

Build for production with:

$ npm run build

You can deploy it to firebase, first need to login with the firebase CLI and init the project, then just run the deploy command

$ npm run firebase-init
$ npm run deploy