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Notas voor vakken aan de VUB
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ad1 Add Algorithms & Data 1 exercises files that were still on my VUB acc…
ai AI: TA solutions for programming exercises
aosd aosd paper - cleanup
bachelorproject BP - inkorten
capitaselectaofprogramminglanguages wis summary: 1-4, memex paper
complexeanalyse Examenvragen 2008-2009 via Delphi
computationtheory comptheory: typoes
computersystemen CS notes last chapters
declarativeprogramming dp: notes minor addition
functionalprogramming fp notes corrections
grondslagen2 Grond2 - Some final edits
informationtheory inftheory: minor notes additions
inleidingstatistiek IS: Add my sage mathematics files
interpretation1 icp1: a TA solution in series 3 for comparison
maattheorie maat oef - typo fix
mathematicalstatistics math stat oef - corrections/additions ch6
methodsofscientificresearch msr4 - FINAL - remove the confident Q
nextgenerationuserinterfaces ngui summary: typoes
numeriekeanalyse Removed all .toc files
openinformationsystems OIS: wpo 2014-04-10
philosophyofscience philo: final reread and corrections
pool ppp: complete slides
programminglanguageengineering ple wpo8 ex 1
researchtopicsinsoftwarequality RTiSQ presentation: minor fixes
structuur2 Add structuur2 stuff I found on my vub account.
templates Template adjustment: uk english, empty page style
webinformationsystems Default Slip for wpo session 1
.gitignore Ignore *.vrb files (latexmk remnant?)
Makefile Makefile with some cleaning options Update README Overview of point distribution


This repository contains notes, assignments, reports, ... from classes at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Notes are written in English or Dutch.


The LaTeX files (*.tex) can be compiled the usual way. Some may require biber as a backend for the references. Laziest way to get everything working is probably to install texlive-full, latexmk and biber (Linux) or whatever is equivalent on another system. Then you can compile things (assuming a file main.tex) by using

latexmk -pdf main


Unless otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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