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Erltricity: An Erlang/OTP Thinkgear Connector Client

Developer: Ward Bekker


An Erlang/OTP Client Application for the ThinkGear Socket Protocol from NeuroSky.

You'll need one of these:


Software Requirements

  • Erlang R15B+
  • MySQL Server
  • Thinkgear Connector (comes with installation media)
  • An active internet connection as Google Graph API is used for the charting.

Current development status

Code should be considered a proof of concept.


Create a new MySQL database eg. erltricity and run the table creation statements from table.sql

Copy the database.config example file and adapt it to your MySQL Server needs:

cp config/database.config.example config/database.config

Start up an Erlang shell:

rebar get-deps compile && ./

Now is a good time to turn on your Mindwave headset.

Inside Erlang shell:


And point your browser to http://localhost:8000/chart to see the recorded EEG signals. Manual refreshing is required in this version.

Example Chart

With a proper signal, the chart should look something like this: