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  • improvements

    • Added embedded elixir (check EEx module for more information)
    • Improve list and string STDLIB (by
  • deprecations

    • Enforce -> for one liners and do...end for multiline
    • =:= and =!= are removed in favor of === and !==

v0.3.0 (2011-06-14)

  • improvements

    • ExUnit now run test cases in parallel
    • Added anonymous methods: def(x,y) x + y; end
    • Added Method and UnboundMethod modules
    • Added using as temporary mixins
    • Added respond_to?(method, arity)
    • Nested brackets are now supported nested_array[1][2]
    • Brackets method in array was optimized and also accepts out of bound indexes (returning nil in such cases)
    • Brackets method in tuples accepts out of bound indexes (by
    • Local calls are restricted only to private methods
    • Added Timer with the method ms used for benchmarking
    • Added remove_ivar, Module.stacktrace and Module.eval
  • deprecations

    • Use {} instead of {:} as an empty dict. An empty tuple can be retrieved with Tuple.empty
    • __added_as_mixin__ is now __mixed_in__
    • object and protos were removed in favor of module binding
    • __stacktrace__ was removed in favor of Module.stacktrace

v0.2.0 (2011-04-25)

  • improvements

    • Added, File.read_info and others
    • Added basic support to ets tables (by
    • Added nil as value (which also evaluates to false)
    • Added the ability to use _ in number for readability: 123_523_542 (by
    • Added the ability to add default arguments to methods
    • Added @() as short syntax to update instance variables
    • Elixir now boots as an Erlang application under a supervision tree (by
    • ExUnit now prints "." or "F" for each test executed
    • Added an interface to Erlang's GenTCP (by
    • Added the ability to import records from Erlang
    • Added more methods to OrderedDict, List and File in STDLIB
    • Improved performance on method dispatch about 8 times
    • Number operators are 'atom/value are allowed in method signatures
    • Allow variables to be assigned more than once
    • Basic support for guards
    • Added Date to STDLIB (by
    • Added Set to STDLIB (by
    • Added DateTime to STDLIB
    • Allow the cache directive to specify dependencies
    • Added elixirc as an explicit compiler step and autoload
    • Functions can be called as, arg2), fun.apply([arg1,arg2]), fun[arg1, arg2] or fun.(arg1, arg2)
  • bug fix

    • Allow Elixir keywords, but that are not Erlang keywords, on Erlang method invocations
    • Code formatter now properly handles empty arrays
  • deprecations

    • protected methods were removed for performance reasons, may eventually be brought back
    • Removed constructor in favor of initialize
    • Removed require in favor of autoload
    • Calling functions as fun() is no longer supported

v0.1.0 (2011-03-12)

  • Initial release