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Welcome to the Warden wiki. Warden provides a mechanism for authentication in Rack based Ruby applications. It’s made with multiple applications sharing within the same rack instance in mind.

Here’s some talky documentation. There will be an effort to keep this documentation up to date, but the source, and source documentation should be referred to for specifics.


  • Overview on the why, and what
  • Setup information to get you going
  • Strategies are where you put the logic you actually want to use to authenticate
  • Failures do happen. This is the info on how to handle them and cause them
  • Users are key. Any request that requires authentication has a “user” at the client end
  • Callbacks are available for key points in the authentication cycle
  • Scopes allow for multiple simultaneous users to be logged in
  • Authenticated Session Data ties data to a user. You can selectively clear out a single user’s session data without affecting the rest.
  • Examples of Warden in use
  • External Resources
  • Testing your application