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def countdown_generator(fn):
yield 5
yield 1
yield 1
yield 1
yield 1
yield 1
def running_avg():
"coroutine that accepts numbers and yields their running average"
total = float((yield))
count = 1
while True:
i = yield total / count
count += 1
total += i
def advance_generator_once(original_fn):
"decorator to advance a generator once immediately after it is created"
def actual_call(*args, **kwargs):
gen = original_fn(*args, **kwargs)
assert is None
return gen
return actual_call
running_avg = advance_generator_once(running_avg)
def rock_paper_scissors():
coroutine for playing rock-paper-scissors
yields: 'invalid key': invalid input was sent
('win', player, choice0, choice1): when a player wins
('tie', None, choice0, choice1): when there is a tie
None: when waiting for more input
accepts to .send(): (player, key):
player is 0 or 1, key is a character in 'rps'
valid = 'rps'
wins = 'rs', 'sp', 'pr'
result = None
while True:
chosen = [None, None]
while None in chosen:
player, play = yield result
result = None
if play in valid:
chosen[player] = play
result = 'invalid key'
if chosen[0] + chosen[1] in wins:
result = ('win', 0) + tuple(chosen)
elif chosen[1] + chosen[0] in wins:
result = ('win', 1) + tuple(chosen)
result = ('tie', None) + tuple(chosen)
import os
import termios
import tty
def cbreak_keys(fd):
"enter cbreak mode and yield keys as they arrive"
termios_settings = termios.tcgetattr(fd)
yield # initialize step
while True:
yield, 1)
termios.tcsetattr(fd, termios.TCSADRAIN, termios_settings)
import socket
def socket_read_and_close(sock):
"yields strings from sock and ensures sock.shutdown() is called"
b = None
while b != '':
yield b
b = sock.recv(1)
except socket.error:
def telnet_filter():
coroutine accepting characters and yielding True when the character
passed is actual input or False when it is part of a telnet command.
actual_input = None
while True:
key = yield actual_input # normal
if key != chr(255):
actual_input = True
key = yield False # command
if key == chr(255):
actual_input = True
actual_input = False
if key == chr(250):
while key != chr(240):
key = yield False # subnegotiation
yield False # parameter
def telnet_keys(sock):
"yields next key or None if key was a filtered out telnet command"
# negotiate character-by-character, disable echo
keep = telnet_filter()
s = socket_read_and_close(sock)
while True:
# allow StopIteration to carry through:
c =
if keep.send(c):
yield c
yield None
class Timeout(Exception):
class Disconnect(Exception):
def game_machine(game_factory, output, best_of=9):
coroutine that manages and provides comminication for two-player games,
best of N
:param game_factory: a function that returns a game generator object
:param output: a function that sends output to one or both players
:param best_of: max games to play per guest (an odd number)
yields: 'waiting' : waiting for a guest (disconnect any existing guest)
'play': playing a game, accepting input
'disable timeout': disable the guest timout, accepting input
'reset timeout': reset and start guest timeout, accepting input
accepts to .send():
('join', guest_name): Guest guest_name joined
('key', (player_num, key)): Input from player player_num (0 or 1)
accepts to .throw(): Disconnect: the guest disconnected
Timeout: the guest timout fired
ravg = running_avg()
while True:
event, value = yield 'waiting'
if event != 'join':
game = game_factory()
wins = [0, 0]
output("Player connected: {0}".format(value), player=0)
output("Welcome to the game", player=1)
response = 'reset timeout'
while True:
event, value = yield response
response = 'play'
if event != 'key':
player, key = value
result = game.send((player, key))
if result == 'invalid key':
output("Invalid key", player=player)
elif player == 1:
response = 'disable timeout'
if not result:
outcome, player, play0, play1 = result
output("Player 0: {0}, Player 1: {1}".format(play0, play1))
if outcome == 'win':
wins[player] += 1
output("Player {0} wins!".format(player))
output("Wins: {0} - {1}".format(*wins))
output("Overall: {0:5.2f}%".format(
(1 - ravg.send(player)) * 100), player=0)
if any(count > best_of / 2 for count in wins):
output("Thank you for playing!")
response = 'reset timeout'
except Disconnect:
output("Opponent disconnected.", player=0)
except Timeout:
output("Timed out. Good-bye")
import socket
import sys
import time
def console_telnet_game_loop(game_factory, countdown_factory, best_of=9,
stdin=None, port=12333, now=None):
Coroutine that manages IO from console and incoming telnet connections
(one client at a time), and tracks a timeout for the telnet clients.
Console and telnet client act as player 0 and 1 of a game_machine.
:param game_factory: passed to game_machine()
:param coutdown_factory: function returning a countdown generator
:param best_of: passed to game_machine()
:param stdin: file object to use for player 0, default: sys.stdin
:param port: telnet port to listen on for player 1
:param now: function to use to get the current time in seconds,
default: time.time
yields args for*args)
accepts to .send() the fd lists returned from
if stdin is None:
stdin = sys.stdin
if now is None:
now = time.time
server = socket.socket()
server.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)
server.bind(('', port))
print "Listening for telnet connections on port", port
client = None
client_reader = None
timeout = None
countdown = None
local_fd = stdin.fileno()
local_user = cbreak_keys(local_fd)
def output(txt, player='all'):
if player != 1:
print txt
if player != 0 and client:
client.send(txt + '\r\n')
g = game_machine(game_factory, output, best_of)
state =
while True:
if state == 'waiting' and client:
client = client_reader = timeout = None
if state == 'reset timeout':
countdown = countdown_factory(lambda n: output(str(n), player=1))
timeout = time.time() +
state = 'play'
if state == 'disable timeout':
countdown = timeout = None
telnet_fd = client.fileno() if client else server.fileno()
timeout_seconds = max(0, timeout - now()) if timeout else None
readable, _, _ = yield [local_fd, telnet_fd], [], [], timeout_seconds
if not readable: # no files to read == timeout, advance countdown
timeout = now() +
except StopIteration:
state = g.throw(Timeout())
timeout = None
if local_fd in readable: # local user input
state = g.send(('key', (0,
if client: # client input
key =
except StopIteration:
state = g.throw(Disconnect())
if key: # might be None if telnet commands were filtered
state = g.send(('key', (1, key)))
# accept a new client connection
client, addr = server.accept()
client_reader = telnet_keys(client)
state = g.send(('join', str(addr)))
import select
def main():
loop = console_telnet_game_loop(rock_paper_scissors, countdown_generator)
fd_lists = None
while True:
select_args = loop.send(fd_lists)
fd_lists =*select_args)
if __name__ == "__main__":