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OpenStreetMaps Reverse Geocoder
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osm-reverse-geocoder is a simple reverse geocoder for OpenStreetMaps. It does not require the installation of Nominatim or other packages, only the imported PostgreSQL database. Latest version at


It takes about 0.2sec to reverse geocode a coordinate on my VPS (uncached, after reboot). You can benchmark your own installation with the included script by reverse geocoding 500 random (though fixed) coordinates in Europe.

export DBI_DSN="DBI:Pg:dbname=osm;host="
export DBI_USER="osm"
export DBI_PASS="***yourpassword***"
took 98 seconds to process 500 coordinates, 0.20 sec/coordinate


Install by loading the reverse_geocoder.sql script in your OSM database:

    $ psql osm -f reverse_geocoder.sql

Installation requirements are:

  • Tags must be present in the database (--hstore option in osm2pgsql)
  • OSM import must be done in the default coordinate system (EPSG:3857)


Invoke the reverse geocoder by calling the reverse_geocode function with latitude and longitude (in WGS84) as parameters:

osm=> SELECT * FROM reverse_geocode(52.380021, 5.195351);
 country_iso |     country     |  city  |   street    | housenumber |     distance     
 NL          | The Netherlands | Almere | Sesamstraat | 32          | 8.68894216514979
(1 row)

Any or all return values can be NULL.

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