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  • This is the >=terraform-0.12 branch. For compatibility with older versions, use the terraform-0.11 branch.

Demo overview

Demo Directory Description
first-steps First steps
demo-1 First steps: Launching an EC2 instance
demo-2 Using provisioner
demo-2b Using provisioner on a Windows instance
demo-3 Executing script locally
demo-4 Outputting
demo-5 Data Source
demo-6 Modules
demo-7 AWS VPC
demo-8 EC2 instance within VPC with securitygroup
demo-9 EC2 instance with EBS volumes
demo-10 Userdata and cloudinit
demo-11 Route53 (DNS)
demo-12 RDS
demo-13 IAM
demo-14 IAM Roles with S3 bucket
demo-15 Autoscaling
demo-16 Autoscaling with ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)
demo-17 Elastic Beanstalk PHP 7 stack with RDS
demo-18 Interpolations, VPC module
demo-18b Project structure, best practices
packer-demo Build AMIs with Packer
jenkins-packer-demo Demo with jenkins and Packer
docker-demo-1 Using ECR - The EC2 Container Registry
docker-demo-2 Using ECS - The EC2 Container Service
docker-demo-3 Using ECR/ECS with Jenkins in a complete workflow
module-demo Using ECS + ALB in 4 modules to show how developing terraform modules work