scratch-n-sketch : A kit that that makes it easier to learn how to code and electronics
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scratch 2.0 offline
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scratch_n_sketch : A kit that teaches you how to code and electronics.

no compilaton needed just plug the board to the computer and start coding in python or drag and drop using scratch language. Access to onboard sensors, write to the lcd screen and interface with external sensors e.g temparature, humidity, proximity, sound e.t.c

python examples for scratch-n-sketch board. install python 3 and the following dependencies to get started

python download :


others useful:

you can use any text editor to write python scripts but in our case we prefer using atom (by GitHub)

#scratch 2.0 offline scratch programming language examples download install scratch 2.0 offline

scratch download :

once installed open server folder->scratch_n_sketch.exe and click start. The server will auto search and connect.You're ready to start scratching. (you'll get a connectional successful log)

open scratch app->file->new .Hold shift while clicking file->new->import experimental http extension. Open blocks folder and load scratch_blocks.s2e

find the blocks in the more blocks section.

#arduino you also connect scratch-n-sketch kit to most of official/compatible arduino boards. all you need is an SPI cable and an arduino board.

Download arduino IDE at :