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A trending pure CSS text portrait builder for your loved ones. πŸ₯° You don't need to waste your time just to create it from scratch and spend time working on its CSS sorcery. Here's the builder just for you! ✨

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😎 Demo

This Nayeon CSS Text Portrait below is created using CSS Text Portrait Builder. I use colored high-resolution image with lyrics from Nayeon's Santa Tell Me for the text. With the help of this builder it is responsive like crazy. πŸ˜…

demo image

✨Community Showcase

⚑ Features

  • Auto-fill screen with text.
  • Responsive build output.
  • Optimized builds.
  • Easy to use, no-code/low-code friendly.
  • Filter settings.
    • brightness
    • grayscale
    • invert
  • Gitpod support.
  • Generate build preview.
  • Upload exported build.

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πŸ“– Documentation

The complete documentation can be found here:


πŸŽ“ Tutorial

πŸ› οΈ Instant Setup

Let's get started with the instant setup and build. Proceed to the requirements below.

πŸ“‹ Requirements

Meet the requirements? Click the Gitpod button below to get started!

open in gitpod

πŸ”¨ Build Steps (Gitpod)

  1. Rename your image into bg.jpg and make sure it is in JPG/JPEG format.
  2. Navigate to src/img and upload your image, just replace the existing image.
  3. Next, open config.json file by just clicking it, an editor will open.
  4. Edit the contents of config.json file to match your needs.
    • For the object name, this is the name of your portrait, it can be a name of your subject.
    • For the object text, this is the text you want to see in the portrait. It can be a lyrics, a passage from a book, or a sweet message to your subject or loved one.
  5. Navigate to src/scss and open the file _vars.scss to edit the settings.
  6. Lastly, look in the command-line interface and hover your mouse to the https://localhost:1234 and press ctrl + left click to open it to a new tab. You'll see your builds in real-time.

For the complete documentation please visit 😎

πŸ“‘ Hosting

To learn more about hosting your builds check out the community discussion.

βš™οΈ Project Activity


🎯 Contributing

Contributions are welcome, create a pull request to this repo and I will review your code. Please consider to submit your pull request to the dev branch. Thank you!

Read the project's contributing guide for more info.

πŸ’¬ Discussions

For any questions, suggestions, ideas, or simply you want to share your experience in using this project, feel free to share and discuss it to the community!

πŸ› Issues

If you're facing a problem in using CSS Text Portrait Builder please check the community FAQs first, if your issue is a potential bug I would suggest to create an issue here. I'm here to help you! πŸ˜‡

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πŸ“‹ Code of Conduct

Read the project's code of conduct.

πŸ“ƒ License

This project is licensed under The MIT License.

πŸ“ Author

This project is created by Waren Gonzaga, with the help of awesome contributors.


πŸ’» with ❀️ by Waren Gonzaga and Him πŸ™