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- libvirt_virDomainSetMemory should check memory is > 0
- check how to better handle renaming of domains (xm rename and cache)
- UUID lookup in hash.c
Other environment:
- support for UML
+ UML control layer should be easy at least for one user but incomplete
Probable TODOs:
- event on big domain state change (create, crashed, paused, shutdown, destroy)
- bindings for more languages
Would-be-nice TODO:
- man page for virsh and the libraries entry points
- more documentation and examples on using the toolkit
- examples for the error handling code
- now that libxml2 is linked in, drop hash.[ch] and get back to libxml2 ones ?
same for the buffers
- On Debian and other platforms, C++ compiler is required because
autoconf macros to detect libtool depend on it. (This is probably
an autoconf or libtool m4 macro bug, and the fact that it happens
on Debian is a red herring).
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