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Absolute TODOs:
- Create() API, how do we best keep flexibility and allow various
specific environment and space for evolution (VMX)
- thread protection, reentrancy, refcounting, etc ...
- documentation and examples on using the toolkit
- Error API. probably similar to libxml2 structured API
- track change of xend API, XML-RPC, UUID based lookup and naming
- API for the Node: extracting informations, selecting scheduling policy
- better resources allocation APIs (%CPU, set memory)
Probable TODOs:
- event on big domain state change (create, crashed, paused, shutdown, destroy)
- bindings for more languages
Would-be-nice TODO:
- man page for virsh and the libraries entry points
- support for QEmu and other virtualization engines
- make dist and make rpm targets
- set a no public by default policy for libvir symbols
- fix the python bindings
- renamed to libvirt
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