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PS Seismograph - a simple seismograph for PS3

This is a Strong Motion Seismometer for ps3. it uses all the axis of the first controller. It Works on all TV!

This tool has been tested and can be considered as a low quality Strong Motion Seismometer.

This can show how people can use PSL1GHT SDK. Homebrew is not equal to PIRACY




- 0.3.0 -
    Added PS Move support
    Fixed some mem bugs
    Added function to write data
    Added how to images
    Added Message Dialog
    Changed centi-secs to secs.
    Added USB Support to write data function.
    Fixed XMB Exit bug

- 0.2.1 -
    Updated to NoRSX 0.3.0 to fix mem leaks
    Added timer. 
- 0.2.0 -
    Updated to NoRSX 0.2.9 and added SD tv support. 1080p is still the best resolution for this homebrew 
- 0.1.9 -
    Added Cross, Triangle and Square Buttons on the screen
    Added Triangle button to allow people to see only a graph (if you press it 4 times it will show again everything)
    Added Square button to show the Max Gravity Accelleration of each axis (remind that G = 9.81 m/s^2)
    Changed the FPS text to the sampling period (it will be shown as centi-seconds)
    Added better buttons control.
    Added PIC1.PNG
    Changed ICON0.PNG
- 0.0.1 -
    Initial Version

I DO NOT OWN THE visitor.ttf

credits goes to the guy who draw it.