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READMEs travis: h2spec integration Apr 26, 2018
cmake CMakeLists: add check for new libuv header Jun 24, 2018
contrib Fixes to track updates in esp-idf Jun 20, 2018
doc-assets README.md: serve from repo Aug 14, 2018
lib client: allow pipelined http to call LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED_CLIENT_HTTP Aug 15, 2018
lwsws plugins: gitws libjsongit2 support Aug 14, 2018
minimal-examples client: use effective wsi for some callbacks Jul 20, 2018
plugin-standalone plugin-standalone: refactor cmake part to ease multiple sources May 5, 2017
plugins plugins: gitws libjsongit2 support Aug 14, 2018
scripts rpm: add missing build-time dependencies May 26, 2018
test-apps cmake: LEJF and LEJP_CONF now on by default Aug 14, 2018
win32port zlib: Avoid pre-decrement of pointer in big-endian CRC calculation Apr 19, 2018
.gitignore refactor: core code in lib/core and private-libwebsockets.h to core/p… May 3, 2018
.mailmap mailmap Aug 14, 2018
.travis.yml travis: handle reduced max run time by splitting autobahn tests acros… May 25, 2018
CMakeLists.txt cmake: LEJF and LEJP_CONF now on by default Aug 14, 2018
Kconfig esp32: enforce ssl nonblocking Apr 3, 2017
LICENSE update LICENSE against refactors May 7, 2018
Makefile.projbuild esp32-selfsigned Dec 1, 2017
README.md README.md: serve from repo Aug 14, 2018
appveyor.yml appveyor: stop default vc build Aug 14, 2018
changelog refactor: split out adoption and client apis to core May 11, 2018
component.mk Fixes to track updates in esp-idf Jun 20, 2018
libwebsockets.dox plat: remove esp8266 Dec 1, 2017


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v3.0.0 released

See the changelog for info https://libwebsockets.org/git/libwebsockets/tree/changelog?h=v3.0-stable

Major CI improvements for QA

The Travis build of lws done on every commit now runs

Tests Count Explanation
Build / Linux / gcc 14 -Wall -Werror cmake config variants
Build / Mac / Clang 14 -Wall -Werror cmake config variants
Build / Windows / MSVC 7 default
Selftests openssl:33, mbedtls:33 minimal examples built and run against each other and remote server
attack.sh 225 Correctness, robustness and security tests for http parser
Autobahn Server 480 Testing lws ws client, including permessage-deflate
Autobahn Client 480 Testing lws ws server, including permaessage-deflate
h2spec openssl:146, mbedtls:146 Http/2 server compliance suite (in strict mode)
h2load openssl:6, mbedtls:6 Http/2 server load tool (checks 10K / 100K in h1 and h2, at 1, 10, 100 concurrency)
h2load SMP 6 Http/2 and http/1.1 server load checks on SMP server build

The over 1,500 tests run on every commit take most of an hour to complete. If any problems are found, it breaks the travis build, generating an email.

Current master passes all the tests and these new CI arrangements will help keep it that way.

Lws has the first official ws-over-h2 server support


There's a new standard on the RFC track that enables multiplexing ws connections over an http/2 link. Compared to making individual tcp and tls connections for each ws link back to the same server, this makes your site start up radically faster, and since all the connections are in one tls tunnel, with considerable memory reduction serverside.

To enable it on master you just need -DLWS_WITH_HTTP2=1 at cmake. No changes to existing code are necessary for either http/2 (if you use the official header creation apis if you return your own headers, as shown in the test apps for several versions) or to take advantage of ws-over-h2. When built with http/2 support, it automatically falls back to http/1 and traditional ws upgrade if that's all the client can handle.

Currently only Chrome Canary v67 supports this ws-over-h2 encapsulation (chrome must be started with --enable-websocket-over-http2 switch to enable it currently) but the other browsers will catch up soon.

New "minimal examples"


These are like the test apps, but focus on doing one thing, the best way, with the minimum amount of code. For example the minimal-http-server serves the cwd on http/1 or http/2 in 50 LOC. Same thing with tls is just three more lines.

They build standalone, so it's easier to copy them directly to start your own project; they are CC0 licensed (public domain) to facilitate that.

Windows binary builds

32- and 64-bit Windows binary builds are available via Appveyor. Visit lws on Appveyor, click on a build, the ARTIFACTS, and unzip the zip file at C:\Program Files (x86)/libwebsockets.

ESP32 is supported

ESP32 is now supported in lws! Download the

The ESP32 stuff has my dynamic mbedtls buffer allocation patches applied, which reduce allocation for small payload TLS links by around 26KiB per connection.


This is the libwebsockets C library for lightweight websocket clients and servers. For support, visit


and consider joining the project mailing list at


You can get the latest version of the library from git:

Doxygen API docs for master: https://libwebsockets.org/lws-api-doc-master/html/index.html