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For use with lws-esp32-factory

This relies on setup capability provided by

which runs from the "factory" partition on ESP32. This app is designed to run from the 2.9MB OTA partition.


This includes the latest lws HTTP/2 support now, improved memory management for headers, and mbedTLS wrapper fixes to improve speed when multiple SSL connections are coming.

It also now supports ws-over-http2 tunelling, meaning all the ws connections and the http actions share the same tls tunnel. This makes a massive improvement in speed and reduced memory consumption.

As of 2018-04-12 only Chrome Canary 67 supports this new mode, but support in other browsers is coming. Chrome Canary 67 must be started to --enable-websocket-over-http2 to allow the new feature to operate.

About this demo

This demo is the standard lws test server using the standard lws test protocol plugins.

When you open the page the html / png assets are served over http/2 or http/1 depending on how you connected. Then the browser connects back over http/1 and upgrades to ws.

Basic auth is also demoed, see main/main.c for the details of how it works. You can visit the URL /secret, which you cannot see until you log in with "user" and "password". These are set in code in main/main.c.

It opens a lot of simultaneous https connections, one for each ws protocol and one for http/2 to carry the HTML and images, so on ESP32 it's a bit slow to start up.

The demo uses my mbedtls patches for dynamic buffer allocation, so compared to the unpatched mbedtls, you can open many tls connections without killing your RAM. NOTE You should set MBEDTLS_SSL_MAX_CONTENT_LEN to 16384 in your sdkconfig. The patched mbedtls will adapt the buffer sizes according to what is actually sent or received.


This was built and tested againt esp-idf 17ac4bad7381e579e5a7775755cc25480da47d97 from 2018-09-11.

Clone and bring in the lws submodule (it's unpatched lws master)

  $ git clone
  $ git submodule update --init --recursive
 $ make lws_flash_ota ; make monitor

Using the lws test apps

See what IP your ESP32 got from your AP, the visit it in your browser using, eg

If your dhcp server provides your dns, you can also reach the device using lws-serial, eg, https://lws-1234 or https://lws-1234.local

  • dumb increment should be updating at ~20Hz

  • mirror should let you draw in the canvas... open a second browser instance and they should be able to see each other's drawings

  • close testing should work

  • server info should reflect browsers open on the site dynamically

  • POST tests should pass the string and upload the file if one given

  • The button at the bottom should reset you into the setup / factory app

  • The "War and Peace" demo should load the 4MB text from the 1.2MB gzipped zip file directly, using gzipped data to the browser.


Libwebsockets test demos running on ESP32 OTA APP







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