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Outline view for Sublime Text 3
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Outline for Sublime Text 3


Inspired by FileBrowser, this package shows the outline of your document or class/function name list of your code in a sidebar-style tab.



Install via Package Control

This package is available on Package Control. Search for Outline.

Manual installation

  1. Clone or download this repository to your hard drive using the green Clone or download button
  2. Rename the cloned or extracted folder to Outline. Make sure is at the root of the Outline folder.
  3. Move the Outline folder to your Sublime Text's Packages folder. To find the Packages folder, click menu Preferences > Browse Packages.
  4. Restart Sublime Text, and press Ctrl + Shift + P to select your preferred layout (Browse Mode)

Default layout

The outline tab can be set as a sidebar on the left or right. Press Ctrl + Shift + P and select either Browse Mode: Outline (Left) or Browse Mode: Outline (Right) to set your preferred layout.

If you also use FileBrowser, you can use both in three different layouts:

  • FileBrowser left, Outline right
  • FileBrowser top left, Outline bottom left
  • FileBrowser top right, Outline bottom right

To use FileBrowser and Outline together, please close the FileBrowser sidebar first and then use the correponding Browse Mode command to set the layout, otherwise the Outline view may not work as intended.

Color theme

Outline has two built-in color themes: Bright (default theme) and Dark. To switch to the Dark theme, add the following to your user settings file. Open the user settings file by "Preferences > Package Settings > Outline > Settings" (Sublime Text version 3124 or later), or "Settings - User":

"color_scheme": "Packages/Outline/outline-Dark.hidden-tmTheme"

Remove -Dark or remove the entire line to return to the bright theme. To customize your own color theme, see this issue.

Outline content and indentation

Outline is updated when you save a file or switch between files.

Content and indentation in the Outline tab is controlled by the Symbol List.tmPreferences file (file name may differ) corresponding to the syntax of your file.

Known issue

  • This package may not work if you use a multi-column/row layout.


This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.

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