A collection of Dwarf Fortress mods
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This is a collection of mods for a game "Dwarf Fortress". These mods are specially packed to be used by a script in dfhack (gui/mod-manager) and most of them uses dfhack.


These are unfinished or not even started mods. Most have idea.txt file that tries to capture the spirit of each mod.


A very ambitious mod to allow writing custom books capturing the events of the world, your fort or specific individuals.

Bulletin Board

A new building that gets visited by dwarves to post thoughts, ideas and pictures.

Although this mod is working the general idea is somehow flawed and is not as interesting/easy/nice to use.

Feeding station

A workshop that would refill animal food levels. Could use itself up in the process.

Slab Signs

A way to post messages (visible in the sidebar when using q). Bonus points if in adventure mode it would also be possible to see.


An undead controlling obelisk. Issues jobs to undeads so that you could indirectly control them.


A chamber or a workshop that would resurrect dead dwarves. Be warned: evil side effects might happen.

Mechanical workshops

A collection of machine power accepting workshops.


Mods that are mostly finished.


A repack of mod that is included in dfhack. Allows you to coat weapons with poison.

Steam Engine

A real working steam engine. With magma engine variant.

Display case

A workshop with nice sidebar that displays your prized artifacts.