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@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ With the `yaap/wire` plugin, @Autowired applications are possible
`Remark:` This is an experimentational library and should not be used in production.
+An overview of out-of-the-box supported annotations is available [here](docs/
Installation for node: `npm install yaap`
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+#yaap included annotations
+despite being an annofation processing framework, there are some annotation processors already included.
+While some of them work out of the box, others can only be used with wire.js.
+Some annotations can only be used on parameters while others can also be used at function level.
+##Basic annotations
+* `@NotNull` (parameter/function): the most basic annotation assures,
+ the one/all arguments of a function call are not null or unassigned.
+* `@Default(<value>)` (parameter): if the annotated parameter is unassigned or null, a default value will be injected.
+##Wire annotations
+* `@Autowired([<refName>])` (parameter/function): if a parameter is unassigned or null, a bean from the wire-context will be injected instead.
+ If the annotation is placed at a parameter, the given refName or, if ommitted, the parameter-name will be used to resolve the reference.
+ If the annotation is function-level, all parameters that are null or unassigned will be autowired by parameter-name.
+* `@PostConstruct` (function): the annotated function will be called after container finished configuring the bean.
+* `@PreDestroy` (function): the annotated function will be called, if context.destroy() is called.
+###browser-specific wire annotations
+* `@On(<refName>, <event>)` (function): the annotated function will automatically be bound the the event of the given dom-node.
+ This is intended to be used with the `wire/dom`-plugin. <refName> can reference one or more elements in the dom (though
+ it is probably better practice to reference a bean in the wirecontext, which itself references the dom-nodes).
+ For example, you could bind a clickhandler with this annotation: `@On("dom.all!.btn","click")`.
+ The annotated method accepts one argument that is the event.
+ `Remark:` still work in process

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