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# Tox ( is a tool for running tests
# in multiple virtualenvs. This configuration file will run the
# test suite on all supported python versions. To use it, "pip install tox"
# and then run "tox" from this directory.
envlist = {py27,py34,py35,py36,py37,pypy,flake8}
skip_missing_interpreters = True
minversion = 2.4.0
usedevelop = True
extras = dev
deps =
pyflakes >= 1.2.3
commands =
pyflakes src
wormhole --version
python -m wormhole.test.run_trial {posargs:wormhole}
# on windows, trial is installed as venv/bin/, not .exe, but (at
# least appveyor) adds .PY to $PATHEXT. So "trial wormhole" might work on
# windows, and certainly does on unix. But to get "coverage run" to work, we
# need a script name (since "python -m twisted.scripts.trial" doesn't have a
# 'if __name__ == "__main__": run()' -style clause), and the script name will
# vary on the platform. So we added a small class (wormhole.test.run_trial)
# that does the right import for us.
deps =
pyflakes >= 1.2.3
commands =
pyflakes src
wormhole --version
coverage run --branch -m wormhole.test.run_trial {posargs:wormhole}
coverage xml
deps = flake8
commands = flake8 src/wormhole
ignore = E741
exclude = .git,__pycache__,docs/source/,old,build,dist
max-complexity = 40