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Do not refer to transit server in Dockerfile

#263 removed the transit server,
breaking the Dockerfile.

This fixes the Dockerfile to run just the rendezvous server.
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jml committed Jan 1, 2018
1 parent 80852fb commit cb6751184857d8b0735c6051ae3c476e21f56443
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@@ -62,9 +62,8 @@ ENV WORMHOLE_USER_NAME="wormhole"
RUN adduser --uid 1000 --disabled-password --gecos "" "${WORMHOLE_USER_NAME}"
# Facilitate network connections to the application. The rendezvous server
# listens on 4000 by default. The transit relay server on 4001.
# listens on 4000 by default.
# Put the source somewhere pip will be able to see it.
ADD . /magic-wormhole
@@ -87,4 +86,4 @@ ENTRYPOINT ["/app/env/bin/wormhole-server", "start", "--no-daemon"]
# By default, start up a pretty reasonable server. This can easily be
# overridden by another command which will get added to the entrypoint.
CMD ["--rendezvous", "tcp:4000", "--transit", "tcp:4001"]
CMD ["--rendezvous", "tcp:4000"]

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