Manage and backup your academic papers/references with git
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Am organiser for PDFs/references, with git backend.


  • init: Initialise the git repo and directory structure.

  • add: Add new papers to the database, asking BibTex to be copied and pasted for each individual reference.

  • rm: Remove the paper with the given key from the repo.

  • tail: Display a prettified list of the last n papers added (default is 10).

  • stat: Print the number of papers in the database, and other stats such as disk usage.

  • view: Open the papers with the given key.

  • search: Search across paper titles, authors, publications and tags for the given keywords.

  • tag: Tag papers with the given key.

  • ref: Output references for the papers keys input.

  • toread: List papers to read (no args), or add keys to reading list