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I want to eliminate the duplicate of this library in
GHC. The underlying TextDetails store types are different
though which is a problem:
-> Use type classes (see new-pretty branch).
[Duncan not a fan.]
[Make sure performance not lost.]
-> Use a better underlying storage type.
[Say add bytestring and text to TextDetails.]
-> Use a fixed underlying storage type like
Builder from Text or Bytestring but allow
input functions to take any type that can be
converted into one.
[ptext :: (a -> Builder) -> a -> Doc
Also would be useful to provide render functions to produce
Bytestring / Text builders.
dcoutts davidt_: are you sure that using a typeclass is faster than TextDetails?
dcoutts davidt_: why not just add PStr back in?
dcoutts davidt_: you can already generate different output types by using the fold (TextDetails -> a -> a)
dcoutts e.g. using the Text builder or the new bytestring builder
davidt_ dcoutts: So far it seems as fast but I need to do more testing, hence I haven't pushed anything yet
davidt_ dcoutts: Yes adding PStr back in is one option but I also need to change LItString in GHC then to be backed by a bytestring which is a decent amount of work on a area thats already very boring
davidt_ dcoutts: as long as speed isn't lost I still feel a type class is better, you can generate different outputs yes but a fixed TextDetails still fixes the storage which isn't as nice as a type class imho
dcoutts davidt_: the problem with the typeclass is the leakage
dcoutts that extra type param leaks out into everything
dcoutts davidt_: and it doesn't mean you have to change LItString to be a ByteString
dcoutts davidt_: it just means you need a conversion function, it doesn't imply any copying either since it's lazy, it'll do the conversion during the fullRender
davidt_ yes i guess so, there are a few options here. What is the issue with the leakage though? It sounds bad but how is it practically a bad thing? I quite like the type class design
dcoutts I think we overuse typeclasses
dcoutts davidt_: it means your pretty printing function producing a Doc will not be compatible with mine
dcoutts davidt_: since you'll use GDoc This and I'll use GDoc That...
dcoutts and in this case it is for variation that isn't really needed
dcoutts it's to cope with the proliferation of string types
dcoutts when we should just not have so many string types
dcoutts davidt_: so how about using TextDetails with constructors for Char, String, Text and ByteString
davidt_ Hmm I'll look into it I guess.
davidt_ But I think what I want to do is a pretty simple and 'good' thing to do. I want to abstract pretty from the underlying storage of strings. As far as I can tell type classes is the best way to do this.
davidt_ but I agree that we have too many string types
davidt_ so I am tempted by that argument not to encourage it further
dcoutts davidt_: btw, I expect you can convert a ghc LItString into a ByteString quite easily and cheaply
dcoutts davidt_: or are they unpinned ByteArr#s?
davidt_ dcoutts: Yes you probably can. Had a brief discussion about this with Simon Marlow.
dcoutts davidt_: so there's a couple other options here
dcoutts davidt_: you can fix the output type and allow any input string type that can be converted into it
dcoutts davidt_: or you can fix the set of primitive input string types (ie Char, String, etc) and allow any kind of output type that can be constructed from those
dcoutts davidt_: but allowing both means that the internal type arg has to become visible (which is the bad option imho)
dcoutts davidt_: e.g. suppose we said that the output type should just always be a Text builder, or perhaps a ByteString builder, then we could allow primitive strings of any type that can be converted to a bytestring builder
dcoutts ptext :: (a -> Builder) -> a -> doc
dcoutts davidt_: in practice I bet fullRender is only used for two types: IO to write out to a handle directly, and some builder monoid
dcoutts and the IO case is only an illusion of performance, the builder monoid will be a lot faster
dcoutts davidt_: because a builder monoid is writing directly into a buffer too, but unlike an IO handle, there's no MVar locking overhead
dcoutts davidt_: whichever way you do go, it'd be nice to provide render functions to produce bytestring / text builders, since people will generally not be aware that that's possible via fullRender
dcoutts davidt_: the next bytestring release will have a fast builder monoid
dcoutts davidt_: and text has one already