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Li3 command wrapper for Ruckusing Migrations
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li3_ruckusing_migration is a Lithium command plugin acts as a wrapper for ruckusing-migrations by making the commands available as part of the li3 command set.


  1. Clone the plugin to your app's libraries directory:

    /path/to/li3_app/libraries$ git clone
  2. Clone nashape/ruckusing-migration (The modified fork) to the same directory:

    /path/to/li3_app/libraries$ git clone
  3. Add the plugin in your libraries.php (/path/to/li3_app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php):

    Libraries::add('li3_migration', array('path' => LITHIUM_APP_PATH . '/libraries/li3_ruckusing_migrations'));
  4. Create db and migrate directories:

    /path/to/li3_app/config$ mkdir -p db/migrate


Note refer to the original ruckusing-migrations' documentation for detailed usage instructions.

In order to be able to use the plugin, you need to have /path/to/lithium/libraries/lithium/console in your PATH.

  • Generate a new migration file (migration files are stored in li3_app/db/migrate/):

    /path/to/li3_app$ li3 migration generate create_users_table
  • Edit the resulting file, refer to the documentation linked in the note above.

  • Run the migration:

    /path/to/li3_app$ li3 migration db:migrate

    The above will run using the current Lithium environment and connection named 'default'. To specify an alternative enviroment and/or connection, use the --env and/or --connection arguments:

      /path/to/li3_app$ li3 migration db:migrate --env=production --connection=another_database
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