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powerpointing is rude

A simple terminal based slide presenter because powerpoint is terrible.

Can I see some examples?

Absolutely! The slide_processor is implemented as a pyqi Command allowing for a nice clear CLI:

Command Interface

Sweet, nice and easy. But what do the slides look like? Awesome, of course:

Color Example

Yep. Pure awesome. And, the only direction to go from pure awesome is to über awesome (thank you Pygments!):

Code Example

To install

pir currently depends on bipy which is unfortunately not pip installable directly at this time. The following should work though:

pip install numpy
pip install git+https://github.com/biocore/bipy.git
pip install pir

What now?

To run the included slides, please execute:

pir slide-processor --slides=path/to/slides.json

Whats the format?

The following JSON structure is expected for the slides:

 "title": {"header": "foo", "body": ["line", ...], "footer": "bar"},
 "slide 1": {"header": "foo", "body": ["line", ...], "footer": "bar"},
 "acknowledgements": {"header": "foo", "body": ["line", ...], "footer": "bar"}

It is valid to omit header, body or footer from a slide. body will accept single strings or list of strings. The order of the slides is based on the slide number. title and acknowledgements will go first and last respectively no matter what.